How To Choose Promotional Logo Pens For Business

There are many ways to choose promotional logo pens for business. Many business owners market with promotional pens due to their low cost. Some can be as low as 9 cents per pen. Additionally, studies show that recipients of personalized business pens use them multiple times a day for up to six months. As a business manager, promotional logo pens provide an efficient marketing tool for a affordable initial investment. Read on to discover how to choose promotional logo pens for business.

Business Representation

The first step in choosing a promotional logo pen for your business is to consider the voice of your business. Ask yourself, what does your business do and how would you want it to be represented? The answers to these questions determine the overall look and “voice” of your pen. For instance, if you’re in the graphic design industry, a contemporary pen with a unique shape would reflect this. A medical practice, on the other hand, would use a more conventional pen for promotion. Absolutely, considering the voice of your business provides ideas to convey with your pens.

Choose a Pen Type

Next, you’ll want to choose a type of pen that best fits your business’s unique voice. Consider various options such as the presence and style of a grip, color, and more. Grips and uniform colors throughout lend a higher-quality, more professional look to your pens. Additionally, the width of the pen’s barrel determines the size of your logo and the amount of other promotional materials that can be printed on it. This way, you can ensure your logo’s visibility. Certainly, considering the type of pen you want to promote your business with displays forethought and credibility to clients who see them.

Choose A Material

Additionally, you need to choose a material for your pens. Most promotional pens are made from plastic, metal, wood, or recycled materials. Plastic pens provide the most color options as well as the most cost-efficiency. Metal pens display the highest quality and therefore the most professionalism. They make great promotional options for financial and insurance industries. Pens made of wood or recycled materials show your business’s environmental considerations. Definitely, deciding on a material for your promotional pens ensures they make the intended statement.

Contact Details

In addition to your logo, consider adding additional contact details on your pens. Adding your business’s address, web URL, email, or phone number provides additional avenues for leads and conversions. Putting your email on your pen is a great way to optimize your consumer email marketing campaign. In fact, studies have shown that customized pens can make about 2,800 impressions per pen. This way, you significantly impact cost-efficiency by allowing more potential clients to contact your business. Surely, providing contact details besides your logo on the pens increases their cost-efficiency.

Additional Pre-Purchase Considerations

There are several additional considerations to make before finalizing your promotional pen purchase for business. These include quality, time frame, minimum quantities, and more. Of course, promotional pens should be cost-effective. However, there are many low-quality pens out there that can quickly sour business relationships. Moreover, determine how quickly you need your pens, as more complex materials and designs will take longer to manufacture. Additionally, figure out how many pens you’re going to need. Pens are small and relatively cheap, so manufacturers require higher minimum quantities. However, you can search for manufacturers based upon needed quantities. Indubitably, considering these additional factors ensures your pens have a significant impact on your business and target market.

Choosing promotional logo pens for your business can be done in a myriad of ways. One way involves determining the voice of your business with your small business logo design and the statements you want the pens to make as the first step. Considering the build of the pens is the next step and has a significant impact on the pens’ quality. Next, determine the material for the pens. This also has a large impact on the pens’ quality as well as their statement. In addition, consider adding extra contact information to your pens for easy leads and conversions. Finally, think about other details such as pen quality, manufacturing time, and minimum quantities to ensure the pens are a good fit for your business. When wondering how to choose promotional logo pens for business, consider the steps described above.

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