5 Ways You Can Boost Remote Employee Engagement Quickly

Businesses thrive to bring remote employee engagement to an all time high. Unfortunately, managers like yourself struggle to find ways to motivate these individuals. After all, you cannot meet with them face-to-face to give feedback or show appreciation. Because of this, remote employees experience a degree of separation from the business and their colleagues. Here are ways you can boost remote employee engagement.

Chat In Real-Time

Email is easy and efficient, but humans thrive on face-to-face communication. By chatting with your remote employees real-time using video calling services, you can increase productivity as well as your relationship with them. Many business owners avoid video chatting because it is more informal than other options. However, they add a degree of personality and friendliness to a work environment. Encourage your office to communicate through real-time video calls from time to time. In doing so, you make your remote employees feel more included and appreciated as an individual.

Budget For Get-Togethers

Out-of-sight, out-of-mind is something you want to avoid in remote employee relationships. This is why budgeting and organizing company trips is something that can greatly benefit the mood and passion of a remote employee. Shared experiences build trust and rapport, and helps remote employees create friendships with their colleagues. When they return, remote employees will have a new sense of closeness and appreciation for their work and coworkers.

Offer Training And Development Opportunities

By offering training and development opportunities to remote employees, you are showing them that their hard work is noticed, and that they are valuable to you. Enable your remote employees to further their careers, and watch their motivations skyrocket. This is a crucial component of team management for any business operating with remote workers. To make it easier to participate, give them the opportunity to enroll in instructor-led online courses, simulations, or self-directed e-learning courses. By giving them the means to better themselves and their potential, remote employees will feel grateful and excited for other prospects offered by work.

Track Productivity Instead Of Time

Religiously tracking the time your remote employees are active communicates a degree of mistrust. However, employee monitoring is still essential to managing remote teams. As a manager, your priority should be in tracking the productivity and progress of your remote employees, rather than their time. Give them additional flexibility and freedom to complete tasks, and remove the pressure of time constraints. This will likely result in your employees being more efficient and productive. Focus on their consistent progress rather than the minutes they log into payroll, and watch how their work comes in more frequent and at higher quality.

Communicate Feedback

Frequent and positive feedback goes a long way to making a remote employee feel valued and a part of the team. Instant messages, screen-grabs, or a brief phone call to express your satisfaction with their work is a confidence booster and major motivator. Often, remote employees only receive a phone call when something is done incorrect and it must be corrected. Being informed that their work is not only appreciated, but accurate and done correctly, does wonders for a remote employee. Communicating positive feedback when applicable will only inspire remote employees to maintain the good work.

Boosting employee engagement does not have to be difficult. Video calls add more personality to engagements compared to an email handle. Organizing in-person activities boosts camaraderie and interpersonal relations. Offering training and development opportunities displays that they are valued by management and worth investing in. By tracking progress instead of time, remote employees feel less like they are being watched and experience greater trust. Most importantly, communicating positive feedback boosts the confidence and motivation of a remote employee when it is well-deserved. Implement these tactics into your routine, and you are sure to witness an increase in your remote employee engagement.

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