How To Use Snapchat To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Snapchat has been underrated when it comes to being used for professional purposes, such as generating traffic for a blog. The truth is, this platform can help you promote the blog you’re managing to a massive audience. Snapchat has more than 200 million active users daily and they range between the millennial generation and gen z. If that is the audience you’re targeting, you really should be on this platform to engage and promote the blog. How can you use this tool efficiently to promote your blog? Here are practical tips on how to succeed in promoting a blog using Snapchat.

Attracting A Large Follower Base

The first item you need to check off your checklist is building a larger follower base to repeatedly promote any new blog posts. On Snapchat, you can do this by implementing various types of awareness campaigns. For example, you can run an advanced create ad depicting some of the best posts the blog has. This can help users recognize the niche you are writing for and subsequently bring meaningful traffic. Additionally, being consistent with all efforts is an important aspect of getting more Snapchat followers. Even if you do not see results instantly, in the long run, your consistency will pay off. Once you have more followers, you will be able to generate referral traffic to your blog. You won’t feel like you’re trying to climb a slippery slope, so prioritize getting more followers.

Sharing Video Excerpts Of A New Blog Post

Once you have started gaining more followers and receiving organic followers, it is now time to start directly enticing them to the blog. Video content on Snapchat is king and you should use it to bring more readers to the blog. Before you begin sharing video content, it is important to understand everything there is about Snapchat and these visuals. For example, you should work towards understanding how to save a Snapchat video and other important information like adding filters and so forth. Afterward, you can share trendy videos on Snapchat of recently released articles, maybe by recording the screen. Alternatively, you can make a video featuring screenshots of the released article. These are one of the best ways to get more exposure to the blog you’re running.

Show The Work Behind An Upcoming Post

Sometimes a blog post might more than just research on the web or from other books. Depending on what it is about, you might need to conduct some experiments to fact check. You might also need to have a photoshoot to have supporting visual content for the blog post. During that process, take a behind the scenes video or images and then post them on Snapchat. You can use captions that entice users to be keen and excited about the blog. Combining these two elements, the visual content and well-written, compelling captions, you can successfully use Snapchat for marketing your blog. This type of Snapchat content is captivating, interesting and buildup excitement for the blog post.

Use Giveaways And Promotions

Giveaways and promotions are an excellent way to build a great experience between you and customers. Using this strategy can help you get more Snapchat followers and, ultimately, a constant stream to your blog. These giveaways do not have to be something out of budget. However, at the same time, it should be meaningful.  Depending on what you write about, the gift could either be tangible or something digital. For example, you can either offer something like branded merchandise, a prize giveaway, or an audiobook you’re selling. Perhaps you can also offer discounts on any products or services you’re offering. The giveaway or promotion can be great clickbait leading to more followers and subsequently higher website traffic volumes.

Creating An Email List To Promote Your Blog Using Snapchat

To create a more dynamic cross-channel community, consider mashing up Snapchat with email marketing in pursuit of promoting your blog. This concept sounds a little scary but it is actually simple and straightforward. Snapchat supports building an email list that is used to directly share the contents of the blog. That makes it relatively easy to build organic email lists by enlisting the help of Snapchat. You can have a large email list that funnels followers to be daily readers of the blog you’ve created. By creating opt-ins on Snapchat with great CTAs, you can achieve the best results.

By implementing all of these tips mentioned above, you can build a large follower base, which can then be driven to your blog. You can either do this directly by sharing enticing content or indirectly by generating an email list consisting of Snapchat users. However, at the end of the day, you get more website traffic but using all of these strategies cohesively will likely bear more fruit.

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