Design A Social Media Sales Funnel That Improves Future Outcomes

Even the most experienced marketing professionals will sometimes need to brush up on new techniques and strategies. Social media marketing is one of the newest marketing strategies to come about that has truly revolutionized the marketing profession. Creating a social media sales funnel is not something they taught you how to do back when you got your marketing degree. Do not worry, that is why there are posts like this one. Read on to find out how to create a social media sales funnel to better analyze and inform future social media marketing campaigns.

Pick Platforms

Designing a sales funnel for social media requires you to identify a particular platform to work with at first. You may decide on Twitter for business or maybe your Facebook users wind up buying more. Regardless, users on different social networks will have different buying processes. Thus, they will require slightly different funnels, or at least funnel adaptations that account for these differences. Identify the social media platform that you get your highest conversion rates from.  This is the first step to designing a social media marketing funnel that is both accurate and effective for each unique platform.

Research Your Audience

Next, you want to research your social media audience. Use the consumer data you gather to create buyer personas of your best customers. What type of consumers are your customers? What ages are they? What social media platforms do they use most? What do they use each platform for? This information will be invaluable to building a social media sales funnel that works for all different platforms.

Identify Buying Stages

Next, you want to identify the stages involved in the purchase process for these buyer personas. This will help you to identify sales funnel stages for social media in particular. How does the customer go from visiting your social media profile to clicking on your website and ultimately clicking the “Checkout Now” button in your online store? Identify the steps that are most often a part of the buying process for your top customers on social media. These are the social media sales funnel stages you will now use for that particular platform.

Assign Metrics

Once you have identified the parts of the social media sales funnel, you need to assign metrics to each individual stage. What metrics will you use to track each stage of the process? For example, you may want to track the awareness stage of social media sales cycle with impressions and reach metrics. Then, you may use your company’s revenue and profit data to measure and analyze the final sale stage. Whatever key metrics you decide on, be sure to set industry benchmark standards for all of them. This will help you to analyze social media sales performance data to improve your processes and outcomes in future ad targeting and other processes. It is a must-have feature for all of the best social media sales funnels.


Once your social media sales cycle setup is done, you can help improve outcomes for it by engaging with social media followers. Continue to update your business social media accounts as frequently as possible. Then, be sure to analyze how social media users are interacting with other brands on the same platform and what those other brands are doing that improves their response rates and engagement. Use this information to improve your sales funnel for each individual platform. Then, start all over again for the next social network. This is time-consuming. But, it is the only way to develop a social media sales funnel that is effective and helps your company reach their marketing goals.

If you are a marketing specialist, for rent to own stores or a major corporation, you may have experienced some frustration figuring out how to apply the traditional sales funnel to social media purchases. All of your worry is for nought. The steps above will help you to design a sales funnel for social media that reflects the purchasing process for your unique social media customers. Make sure to follow them. Then, let us know how your social media sales funnel performed in the comments below.

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