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5 Crucial HR Metrics To Calculate Business Performance Easily

Human resources departments are a vital part of any organization. HR professionals are the ones tasked with keeping employees paid, healthy and working. But for many small business owners, HR seems to be the last priority. This should not be the case, as improving HR operations can benefit business performance in all areas. For those small business owners that want ... Read More »

How Employee Assistance Programs Benefit Business Outputs

Keeping your employees happy should always be a priority when running a business. Employees are the driving force behind your business’s success. One way to keep your employees happy and healthy is to start an employee assistance program at your company. But first, you may want to hear the many ways your business can from these programs too. Find out ... Read More »

How To Practice Equipment Safety For Small Businesses

As a small business, ensuring the safety of your workplace for employees is essential. While all workplaces have potential hazards, which could lead to accident and injury, as a business owner, it is your responsibly to reduce risk and safeguard your employees. This means that you must make sure that work spaces are clear and hazard-free. Employees should be aware ... Read More »

Find Paid Studies Online To Make Money In Between Paychecks

Unemployed job seekers often have a harder time finding jobs versus employed peers. That means it can be quite a while in between paychecks, leaving you struggling to make ends meet. If you identify with this, paid studies can help bridge the gap between unemployment and your next paycheck. Some studies pay participants quite a nice sum. But, you need ... Read More »

Is The Role Of The Corporate Personal Assistant (PA) Changing?

The PA (Personal Assistant) is probably the most valuable member of the team for many senior executives. In many organizations, they are known as executive assistants that add productivity for leaders. The pillar that holds everything together, the PA has many assets and is usually the person that most people turn to for the answers to their queries. In fact, ... Read More »

How Co-Employment Transfers Risks Away From Small Business Owners

Co-employment is a highly-debated topic in the human resources field. Many believe that companies who use contingent staffing offered by professional employer organizations, or PEOs, are taking too much risk by participating in cooperative employment relationships. But, this is oversimplifying things. There are many advantages to co-employment that too few small business owners understand the value of. If you own ... Read More »

How To Avoid Stalling Your Business Career In Six Steps

It’s miserable to go to work and feel like a hamster on a wheel, doing the same things every day and not getting anywhere. And it’s frustrating to have been at a job for for what feels like forever without a promotion, or worse, to see that there’s no promotional path in front of you at all. If you’ve done ... Read More »

Best HR Conferences For Thought Leaders To Attend In 2018

If you are a Human Resources professional, you know that there are many, many different HR conferences offered in the United States and abroad. But of course, some are better than others. Some offer corporate training certification and inspiring keynote speakers, while others seem like they were thrown together last minute. You do not want to waste your time and ... Read More »

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