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5 Automated Payroll Systems Considerations For Small Businesses

Automated payroll systems are becoming increasingly more popular. This popularity is for good reason. Not only do automated payroll systems save small businesses time, but they can also reduce the amount of mistakes made. However, these advantages cannot occur if the wrong system is chosen. As an HR team member, you must be fully aware of what to look for ... Read More »

5 Strategies For Dealing With ADHD In The Workplace

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD is a brain disorder that affects around 6% of American adults. This disorder causes inattentiveness, hyperactivity, and impulsiveness. These symptoms often make it hard for ADHD suffers to work in offices. They struggle to remember deadlines. They can be frequently distracted by office conditions. They might even fail to keep normal office hours. As HR head ... Read More »

5 Signs HR Solutions For Small Companies Are Needed

HR solutions are often related to larger businesses. However, some small businesses are in need of HR solutions as well. Like larger organizations, small businesses have HR responsibilities. These responsibilities include recruiting and terminating employees, executing performance evaluations, and arranging employee compensation and benefits programs. As an HR manager of a small company, you may be overwhelmed with these responsibilities. ... Read More »

How To Lower Worker’s Compensation Costs On Your Policy

Worker’s compensation insurance is a required and essential insurance policy for any company with workers to have. It should be an essential overhead cost to calculate your finance small business. Worker’s compensation covers injuries employees acquire as they work and ensures they are protected until they are healed. As the head of the company, this insurance can be a major ... Read More »

5 Policies To Help Implement Employee Uniforms Effectively

Employee uniforms can provide many benefits for a company. Uniforms encourage unity and brand conformity among employees. They also produce a smart image for customers, and help increase business performance. As an HR head, implementing uniforms can do a lot to improve your company’s appearance and efficiency. However, if your uniforms can also cause a lot of HR problem is ... Read More »

How To Handle Hiring Temporary Employees Legally

Hiring temporary employees can provide many benefits. Having temporary workers reduces labor costs. In a financial management course, you may have learned how this could benefit a business financially. They can keep businesses on their feet during any unexpected permanent employee absences. On top of that, hiring temporary employees allows you to assess them as potential full-time employees. As a ... Read More »

6 New Year’s Resolutions For Professionals In The Workplace

New Year’s resolutions are notorious for going nowhere. Only about eight percent of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually accomplish them. A huge reason for this is that most professionals are overly ambitious with their goals. You can’t expect yourself to just immediately change just because of an arbitrary promise to yourself during a New Year’s party. If you ... Read More »

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