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The Best Financial Tax Advisor Career Advice To Succeed

Business owners and employed professionals alike turn to financial tax advisors for monetary assistance. As a prospective financial tax advisor, you have numerous client opportunities for the future. However, you also have competition. In order to beat out your competition in your future endeavors, you need to provide the best expertise. More so, you need to meet the right people ... Read More »

3 Major Mistakes To Avoid When Hiring A Nanny

For many, hiring a nanny is a logical step for a family. Some working families are looking for a reliable, caring professional to come in and take care of their children when they’re at work. Others are looking for just a little extra bit of household help during the day. Specifically, business professionals also look for nannies to be with ... Read More »

5 Employee Onboarding Tools That Enhance Small Business Processes

When a business grows, it needs more employees to meet demand. It is at this point that small business owners should start looking to streamline their hiring and onboarding process. The best way to do that is by picking the best employee onboarding tools to maximize HR efficiency. You can use features such as life insurance benefits to intrigue potential ... Read More »

5 Executive Employment Headhunters Criteria To Find Top Talent

Every company’s human resources department can advance their candidate search by hiring employment headhunters. As an HR professional, finding the right candidates for various job positions can be a difficult task to complete. This is particularly true when trying to fill executive positions. After all, business owners need the best professionals to take on difficult duties and manage teams of ... Read More »

5 Reasons Workers Compensation Requests Are Denied

Employers deny workers compensation requests on a daily basis. As an HR professional, you play a role in workers compensation situations. This is especially true when employers deny claims and issues arise. Sometimes, employers refuse valid requests because they do not want to take responsibility for their employees’ injuries. Other times, employees fail to follow the guidelines and produce invalid ... Read More »

How To Set Up Payroll For One Employee On Your Own

Business owners typically turn to HR professionals for payroll services. After all, it can be difficult to learn how to set up payroll for the first time. HR managers can set up payroll for one employee or hundreds. However, some business owners like yourself only have one employee and prefer to conduct payroll on their own. After all, it is ... Read More »

How To Optimize Anti Harassment Training For Employees

Companies need to reevaluate how they conduct anti harassment training for employees frequently. As a human resources manager, you need to learn how to provide businesses with high quality training for their workers. While some old training exercises still work in offices, many are out-dated. Furthermore, different types of harassment occur in different work settings. These types differ based on ... Read More »

The Ultimate Freelancer’s Guide To Being A 1099 Employee

Freelancer jobs off you more freedom than working a full-time job for someone else. Since you’re working for yourself, the client doesn’t have as much control over your time. As long as the company follows the 1099 deadline, you have control of your own work hours and schedule. Another benefit of 1099 jobs is you can charge whatever you want ... Read More »

5 Onboarding Programs Best Practices To Welcome New Hires

Companies successfully turn new hires into long-term employees with quality onboarding programs. As an HR professional, you are directly involved in the hiring process. You listen to interviewees as they attempt to impress a hiring manager and work to impress them in return. In addition, your employer relies on you to do more than find the best candidates to hire. ... Read More »

5 Signs You Need Outsource Payroll Services

Outsource payroll services save companies time and money. As an HR manager, you are fully aware of how time-consuming payroll can be. You are also likely aware of how many businesses resort to hiring payroll companies. After all, payroll can often keep you from completing other tasks that are just as important. As a result, your productivity rates decrease and your ... Read More »

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