5 Types Of Electronic Access Control For Businesses

There are several types of electronic access control systems for businesses. Electronic access control systems can fall into two categories, standalone and online. Small businesses use access standalone systems for a single entry point. Meanwhile, larger companies implement online control systems to manage advanced security access points in many locations. As a business owner, you should protect your commercial property at all major access points. For example, you can use mobile shredding companies security assessments to inform security practices. Read on for the best types of electronic access control systems for your business.

Access Cards

Access cards are a simple type of control system for businesses. Access cards are embedded with a numerical code and magnetic barcode. These person identifying features reduce the risk of potential robberies and protects clients and staff. Additionally, there is no need to replace or change locks. When a card is lost you simply just deny all entry access to that numeric code. Of course, there are other ways to allow guests into your business when they don’t have a key card such as a magnetically locked doors that can be unlocked with a press of a button. Surely, access cards are a reliable electronic access control system for businesses.

Smart Locks

Another dependable electronic access control system is smart locks. Smart locks allow you to restrict any entry or exit from your building using a smart device with bluetooth, WiFi, or z-wave connections. Additionally, you can program in the times of day someone can enter the property without verification. You also get to decide which trusted individuals can change access codes when needed. Of course, these make great application surveillance technologies small business. This works best for businesses with multiple professionals working in one location. Smart locks are definitely an effective electronic access control system for your business.


Next, keypads are another simple electronic access control system. It is effortless to mimic someone’s code which is why there are now more advanced keypad systems. These new systems randomly arrange the numbers on the keypad after every use. This restricts someone from guessing your code by following your hand movements or the wear of the numbers. Additionally, these keypads cannot be read at an angle. This means that no one can access your code from looking over your shoulder. Certainly, key pads are a reliable electronic access control system for businesses.

Intercom And Door Camera Systems

Intercom and door cameras are also a reliable electronic access control system. These systems allow you to have direct access control. Simply, your visitor presses a button that will trigger the intercom and IP camera system. From there, you can talk to the individual through a trusted device and grant access if no threat is detected. For additional security, you can also integrate an IP door access control system and video management software. Certainly, intercom and door cameras are a dependable access control system.

Biometric Readers

The most advanced type of electronic access control systems are biometric readers. These systems use body features such as fingerprint, eye or facial recognition scanners. Fingerprints readers detect individuals based on the raised pattern of their fingertips. Retinal eye scanners detect individuals by blood vessel patterns on their eye. Of course, facial recognition detects visitors based on facial features that are then compared to trusted photos or videos. This system is the most advanced because these entry keys cannot be transferred or recreated. Definitely use biometric readers as an electronic access control system to keep your business secure.

There are several types of electronic access control systems for businesses. Access cards are effective for businesses that want to protect their clients, staff and company information. Of course, smart locks are used when you have trusted individuals entering and exiting your business at certain times throughout the day. Keypads are reliable for trusted company employees who need a simple way to enter the property. Certainly, intercom and door camera systems are needed for businesses who want in-person control of entry access. Finally, biometric readers are the most effective control system. This system requires the trusted individual to be physically present to obtain access. To further secure your business, learn how business cybersecurity will change in the near future. Follow the points above to find the best type of electronic access control systems for your business.

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