Places To Find Help Paying Bills To Finance Your Business Startup


The cost of starting one’s own small business can be too much for aspiring entrepreneurs to handle on their own. Many startups and small businesses require help paying bills in order to get on their feet. If you are an entrepreneur, you have likely faced the struggle of budgeting for your new business and still coming up short. Thankfully, there are several ways that you can receive help paying the bills in order to relieve the stress from your own bank account. You can learn them without having to attend business acumen training, thankfully. If you are interested in learning more about the options available to help pay your bills, keep reading below.

Government Grants

Government grants are one of the most enticing options when you need help paying bills because a grant does not require you to pay anything back in the same way that a loan does. There are several federal, state and local programs that may offer financial assistance to businesses in need. This is certainly one way to learn how to improve productivity in the area of finance. However, it is far more difficult to qualify for a grant than a loan. Take a look at your options and see if you can receive a government grant to help you get your startup off the ground.

Non Profit Grants

There are many not-for-profit organization’s that offer business grants, as well. Government grants are not the only grants available to struggling business owners. Research local non profits in your area that work in an area that relates to your business. Then, inquire with these organizations as to what services or programs they have available to help you out. While this may not be a solution for everyone, it is certainly something to consider.

SBA Loans

SBA stands for Small Business Administration. This is a government agency that oversees small businesses and provides support to entrepreneurs, helping them learn how to get money to start a business, among other things. They have several loan programs available for a variety of businesses that may require funding. If you need help paying bills, consider acquiring a loan from the Small Business Administration. They are there to help you succeed, so it is likely that there may be financial assistance available for your business.

Bank Loans

Most entrepreneurs are familiar with bank loans. However, it is worth mentioning that there are many types of private loans that you can take out to help start your business. If you are wary of taking out a large sum of money there are plenty of alternatives. Microloans can be a big help in paying the bills while keeping your loan amount low. Whether you need a small sum of $5,000 or a large startup loan of $130,000, there are many banks that could assist you.


Investors and venture capitalists are any aspiring entrepreneur’s dream. Finding someone willing to invest in your company can be difficult, but the outcome is a financial backer who truly believes that you will succeed. This will offer more help paying bills than any Amazon repricing software. Pitching your business to venture capitalist firms and available investors is a great way to get help paying bills for your business.


Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular form of fundraising for a startup, business or product. Websites like GoFundMe and KickStarter provide users with a way to pitch their idea to thousands of people and, hopefully, receive a small investment in return. Crowdfunding gathers small donations from everyday people in order to build the capital needed for the business, like cheap franchises. This is a great option if you have family and friends who are willing to donate and spread the word to help you fund your business.

If you need help paying bills for your business, there are plenty of options available to you, including learning how to make money leasing your car. Investors, loans, grants and crowdfunding all provide entrepreneurs with a unique opportunity to earn the money they need. Consider these options the next time you are struggling and need help paying bills.

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