Airbnb Considers Luxury Retreats Acquisition Before Going Public

Luxury Retreats is a travel company that provides luxury sharing economy home rentals to everyone from a wealthy business traveller to a famous celebrity via their website. This company is considered to be a high-end Airbnb, who recently made a move to acquire the Luxury Retreats company for roughly $200 million. This is excellent timing, as the company is set ... Read More »

Reasons To Invest In Tech IPOs Upcoming On The Stock Market

Investors must always be on the look out for new opportunities. Tech IPOs are an excellent investment option for stock market players both new and old. With technology constantly evolving and adapting to the needs of society, it is a great idea to add this type of investment to your portfolio. If you are new to investing or just started ... Read More »

Are Marketing Consultants Worth It? Reasons To Hire An Expert Or Not

Businesses are often split between whether to hire new marketing personnel in-house, or to hire a freelancing marketing consultant. Are they safe? Are they worth the money? There are plenty of questions to ask. And you should. If marketing consultants know anything, it is how to promote themselves. To get to the point early, the effectiveness of marketing consultants is ... Read More »

Sales Terms Profit Vs Revenue Explanation of Your Net Income

For man aspiring entrepreneurs, learning the ins and outs of the business world starts with a few simple definitions. Profit VS Revenue is one key distinction that can trip a lot of new business owners up. If you are interested in learning about these terms and more, keep reading below. There, we have outlined the top 5 definitions that you ... Read More »

Amazon Business VS Prime Comparison of Key Benefits For Companies


Amazon Prime is a popular annual subscription service for consumers. This provides users with access to free shipping as well as a variety of media that can be easily streamed to their phone or computer. However, few consumers are aware of a similar service called Amazon Business. As the name suggests, this service is made specifically for business users to ... Read More »

The Importance of Video Content In Your Marketing Mix

There‚Äôs no debate that online content is now more important than ever. But marketers are hotly debating just what type of content is best. Really, it depends on the company. However, it can clearly be seen that marketers and businesses overwhelmingly prefer to sell written content. The internet and social media feeds are littered with listicles, how-to articles and personalized ... Read More »

Get A Better Purchase Order Format With Cheap Professional Software

A purchase order is a commercial document sent by a buyer to a supplier for the purpose of ordering goods or services. While invoices are drafted by the seller, consumers are responsible for filling out their purchase order form. Using the correct purchase order format is essential to helping your customers have a seamless shopping experience and doing bank reconciliation ... Read More »

Self-Employment: What You Need To Have In Place

Becoming your own boss is, at its best, liberating and extremely rewarding. Having more control over what work you do, when you work and who you work for is great, but making it pay involves a lot of planning. Once you have the right small business idea, there are a few tasks you need to complete before you can even ... Read More »

Buy An Apartment Complex For Sale By Knowing The Financials

Investors are always looking for new opportunities. However, sometimes we can look to older, established businesses like turn key real estate to gain stable earnings. If you are looking into the real estate industry, there are many investment opportunities. One of the most popular investments include apartment complexes. Contrary to popular believe, buying an apartment complex for sale is a ... Read More »

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