6 Reasons To Become A Project Management Professional

If you are in the market for a job as a project manager, becoming a certified project management professional can improve your application response rates. Becoming a project management professional helps your resume stand out in a crowd that is rife with competition. Keep reading to find out the advantages you gain access to when you become a project management professional.

Improved Productivity

When you become a project management professional, you learn specialized project management techniques that will improve productivity. These standardized practices are proven to increase productivity for project managers managing multiple projects. This will help you to get more done in less time. That helps you deliver better results for every project. This is certainly one benefit of PMP certification that your employer will love.

Globally Recognized

PMP certification is a globally recognized project management professional certification. That means that once you become a project management professional, no matter where you want a job, your credentials carry added weight. This will help you to stand out in job markets here and abroad. This is certainly an advantage for project managers who like to look for jobs internationally.

Higher Payscale

Becoming a certified project management professional allows you to command a higher salary. Or, if you plan on working as an independent consultant, it helps you to command a higher billing rate. Either way, the opportunity to earn extra money is never a disadvantage, no matter how you secure payment. Of course, the higher revenue allows you to either scale the business or earn additional income.

Increased Salary Overall

In addition to asking for a higher salary, you may receive as much as 20% more that your previous pay. On average, certified project management professionals earn more when they are certified. This is a great way to justify the time, energy and resources to get certified. Often times, you current company will offer you a higher salary after getting the certification. Discuss with your current supervisor about the career opportunities for additional pay at your current company. This could give you an increased salary without moving companies.

Networking Opportunities

When you become a project management professional, you will have the opportunity to network with other project management professionals. This could lead to job offers, business ventures or just great working relationships. PMP certification courses offer this advantage that is not available to project managers without the PMI certification. Keep this in mind. If you want to become the industry standard and interact with others like yourself, the networking opportunities would offer more add upside to your skill set.

Ability To Train

When you become a certified PMP, you are better able to train your colleagues in the project management strategies you have learned. This allows for an additional skill to include on your resume. Any hiring manager is sure to give someone with training experience a second look. Training your team members will also improve productivity and project deliverables results for the entire team, which is never a bad thing. Become a project management professional in order to add training skills to your resume.

If you are looking for a job as a project manager, become a project management professional. Obtaining your PMP certification will help you to stand out from other competitive job seekers. It will also provide you the added benefits of being able to command a higher salary while adding useful skills to your IT resume. Consider the advantages of PMP certification listed above to help you determine whether becoming a certified project management professional is the right decision for your career.

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