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Understanding Fraud Triangle To Prevent Embezzlement At Your Business

The Fraud Triangle is a theory that was developed by criminologist Dr. Donald Cressey. Cressey, who primarily focused on embezzlers in his research, hypothesized that there are three factors that must be present in order for a person to commit fraud. These three factors are: opportunity, pressure and rationalization. With these three circumstances in place, people are more likely to ... Read More »

6 Great Team Building Ideas For Your Business

One of the challenges that most businesses face is getting their employees to work well among one another. A business brings people together from all different kinds of backgrounds and talents, and it needs them to be able to work together in order to be prosperous. A great way to build camaraderie among your employees, and help everyone learn to ... Read More »

How A Neat Office Creates Increased Focus And Peace Of Mind

Work can be challenging, with lots of different elements coming together. There are lots of things to be dealt with and even more organization needed to keep on top of everything. Different people have different systems to cope with the daily workload. Some will have a system that works for them alone. It would appear to be utter chaos to ... Read More »

Inspirational Growth Quotes For Every Occasion In Business

As a business owner, it is important to stay motivated and positive. You are the acting leader of your company, and your wise words can help inspire others throughout their work day. This is why it is important to keep in mind the wise words of others. Below we have listed various growth quotes for every situation. Whether something goes ... Read More »

Most Effective Resource Management Techniques To Maximize Efficiency

Resource management is the process of maximizing the efficient use of resources within an organization. These resources can range from financial to material, and it is the manager’s job to keep track of where, how and why they are used. If you are interested in learning more about how to practice effectively manage business resources, you have come to the ... Read More »

Why Information Management Is A Vital Part Of Any Modern Business

These days, any business who wants to succeed should enter the digital realm. Truly, most businesses have gone digital, and its information is an asset as well as its digital currency. Business owners have to focus on its life cycle, which is vital for the success of the business. As you already know, information flows feed every business process. It’s ... Read More »

Common Business Communication Models For Effective Collaboration

Traditional communication models often include a sender, a receiver and a message. Generally, they are simple and easy to follow. However, business communication models slightly differ. There are many more moving parts involved in business communication. A message may be sent to multiple parties through multiple channels, which is where things can get complicated. As a business owner, it is ... Read More »

Advantages Leadership Training Offers Businesses And Their Employees

Leadership training, whether in the form of a single seminar or a series of online courses, can be extremely beneficial to any business. The importance of good, strong leadership is often overlooked. However, it is clear that proper leadership training often leads to better business practices. In order to see how leadership training can help to improve your business, take ... Read More »

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