How To Streamline Your Payment Flows: 6 Tips For SMBs

Many small and medium-sized businesses struggle with payments. Tasks like sending invoices, setting up subscriptions, automating reminders, and so on, seem relatively simple. But company owners and managers often feel overwhelmed when it comes to setting up a comprehensive and efficient tech stack to deal with these routine jobs. This results in significant amounts of lost revenue. Customers leave during ... Read More »

How To Create A Modern Corporate Giving Program

There are several steps to create a modern corporate giving program for your organization. Corporate giving programs allow companies and employees to give back to their communities. They benefit a company’s image, improve employee engagement, and help those in need. The benefits of corporate philanthropy have remained the same over the years. However, the way in which companies give back ... Read More »

How Do I Place An Ad On Facebook Successfully?

There are several steps to market your business on Facebook. You might be wondering, how do I place an ad on Facebook? As a marketing manager, you understand the strengths of social media marketing campaigns when driving traffic to improve your company’s sales. With the proper Facebook ad technique, you can effectively boost consumer engagement, increase website traffic, and impact ... Read More »

7 Ways To Increase Teamwork In The Workplace

Managing a business can be tough at times, and many individuals are always looking at ways to promote teamwork in the workplace. While promoting individuality and independence is also great, it’s also vital that we can work well with other people, and put our minds together at times. With a high degree of teamwork, you can largely improve employee morale ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Improve Your Charity Fundraising Website Marketing Campaign

There are several strategies to improve your charity fundraising website marketing campaign. Online giving is increasing. Many nonprofits now know how to convert web traffic and emails into donations to their cause. Studies show that overall nonprofit revenue increased by 23% in 2017. Moreover, 43% of millennials gave through social media campaigns. As a nonprofit marketing manager, you need to ... Read More »

5 Ways Quickbook Sales Helps Maximize Revenue

Quickbook Sales offers multiple tools that help business owners maximize revenues. In order to craft a sales strategy, business owners will want to ensure that their accounting software is well-equipped to handle the company’s evolving needs. Due to the many tools it makes available to the user, Quickbook Sales can be a valuable tool to help achieve this particular need. ... Read More »

How To Create A Successful HVAC Facebook Ads Campaign

You have a successful HVAC business with many years of experience. However, not everyone knows about your services, and it can be difficult to spread the word. In the world of social media and digital marketing, newspaper advertisement placements are likely not as effective. Luckily, there are a number social marketing ways to promote your HVAC business. Let’s take a ... Read More »

5 Strategies To Lower Processing Fees When Taking Credit Card Payments

There are several strategies to lower processing fees when taking credit card payments over the phone. In a small business, credit card processing fees may not seem like a huge costly concern. However, as a finance professional, you know those percentages that processors take on every transaction can add up quickly over time. When you combine transaction fees with assessment, ... Read More »

5 Features Of Best Free Project Management Software For Small Business

There are several features of the best free project management (PM) software for small business. Studies show that communication and accountability are employees’ biggest obstacles in the workplace. Many teams face difficulties managing multiple projects simultaneously, delegating tasks, and collaborating across different departments. Furthermore, inefficiency in your small business’s current project management system can lead to missed deadlines and employee ... Read More »

A Guide To The Costs Of Health Insurance For Petcare

Many of us love our pets, and if they were our own children, we would go to any length to protect them for their health and well-being. So for most pet owners, the level of comfort, wellbeing, and overall longevity of their pet’s life is really important. Household pets are not human, but they are an important part of the ... Read More »

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