5 Techniques For Handling Inbound Sales Calls With New Customers

Handling inbound sales calls are a crucial part of any company’s marketing and sales process. Unlike outbound sales calls, customers are contacting the company directly in search of products or services. By handling these calls professionally, a sales person can certainly boost their sales numbers. After all, the customer is already interested and has taken action towards buying from your ... Read More »

How To Create A Data Breach Response Policy For Business

As cybercrime rates continue to rise, data breach response policies are becoming more crucial for companies. As a business owner, you need more than just data breach insurance to stand up against hackers. You also need to build a data breach response plan. When companies that do not have response plans get hacked, they usually lose even more customer information. ... Read More »

How To Post Jobs On Google To Locate The Best Candidates

There are several things to consider before posting jobs on Google to locate the best candidates. Google is quickly becoming a popular recruiting tool amongst HR professionals like yourself. Posting jobs on the search engine broadens the reach and exposure of your open positions. Through this, many professionals have quickly noticed a spike in candidates applying for positions. If you ... Read More »

How To Improve Your Workplace With Fewer Costs

Business owners are constantly looking to improve workplace conditions for cheaper costs. The workplace can become stagnant if improvements are not consistently being made. From office layouts to external investments, the business should find ways to benefit their employees as well as increase the bottom line. Being smart about finances and the physical workspace can lead to productivity, staff retention ... Read More »

How To Become A Software Developer Without A Degree Or Experience

Software development is a constantly changing and growing profession. As the industry becomes more dynamic, more and more entrepreneurs are interested in becoming developers. Many are still weary of the hurdles associated with obtaining a college degree and sufficient experience. However, in today’s market this is not always required. In fact, you can even become a developer with no experience ... Read More »

5 Ways Receipt Scanning Service Tracks And Organizes Records

Receipt scanning service programs have become excellent tools to help organize offices. Storing paper receipts can quickly become overwhelming and difficult to manage. As a business owner, if you cannot access these records come tax time, you could face significant penalties. Storing documents digitally helps improve their accessibility and organization. Investing in scanning software improves overall information management for your ... Read More »

Should You Be Hiring Someone with A Criminal Record?

Many business owners are concerned about hiring new employees with criminal records. Imagine this: after long weeks of reviewing applications and conducting interviews, you finally found the perfect candidate for your open position. However, just as you get ready to make the call and tell them they are hired, you get the background check response and find out one thing: they have ... Read More »

How The Best Time Card Apps Software Are Saving Business Owners Money

Time card apps are excellent tools to improve time management for business owners and their teams. As a business owner, you know the importance of timesheets for employee scheduling and calculating payroll. In recent years, mobile time cards apps are eliminating the need for paper timesheets. These apps are extremely easy to use, often data can simply be transferred from ... Read More »

5 Things To Look For In Private Office Space To Rent Other Than Price

As businesses and teams begin to grow, business owners often want to seek private office space to headquarter their companies. Businesses that currently have offices may eventually find their situation no longer suitable to their growing and changing needs. With location being such a defining aspect to business performance, it is crucial to spend time selecting the best new location. ... Read More »

How Does Fleet Management Work For Delivery Companies?

Managing a delivery company is no easy feat. It is not a business that one person alone can handle because it has many areas that need proper looking after, especially with a large business fleet. When it comes to deliveries, the time of delivery, which cargo goes where, and tracking the number of deliveries per day are simply a fraction of ... Read More »

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