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5 People Management Software Features To Boost Performance

HR teams use people management software to simplify their everyday tasks. As an HR manager, you have numerous duties to perform on a daily basis. If you want to minimize them so that you can be more productive, you need to invest in a quality software system. Then, you can improve employee engagement and get your other tasks done at ... Read More »

How To Become An Addictions Counselor In 5 Steps

Addictions counselors provide necessary help to the millions of individuals dealing with substance abuse issues. As a student who wants to become an addictions counselor, you need to take a specific career path to achieve your goal. After all, substance abuse counselors’ clients expect quality services. They enter counseling offices with the intention of changing their lives for the better. ... Read More »

How To Prevent Workers Compensation Risks At Your Company

Business owners try to prevent workers compensation risks to the best of their abilities. After all, they want to maintain a safe and healthy workplace. They meet workers compensation requirements to protect their companies. As a business owner yourself, you also want to avoid any legal disputes as best as you can. They can lead to poor financial situations as ... Read More »

5 Text Recruiting Tools To Hire Top Talent Quickly

Human resources professionals spend a lot of time and energy recruiting. For this reason, companies have developed text recruiting software that expedites the entire process. As an HR professional, you struggle to find the best candidates before competing companies do. Many professionals in your position waste time finding top talent only to discover that they took jobs elsewhere. Fortunately, you ... Read More »

5 Ways A Pre-Employment Test Identifies Top Candidates

The hiring process can be extensive and stressful for any business. As a hiring manager, it is your job to make sure you are bringing in the right person for the job. However, there are many aspects of a person to analyze when making this decision. Sometimes, you need more than the top resume screening tricks to find top talent. ... Read More »

5 Careers To Explore With A Business IT Degree

You’ve no doubt heard that in today’s technology-forward society an IT degree can be extremely valuable. You may also be a recent Information Technology graduate wondering, like graduates of all stripes do, “what do I do now that I have the degree?” The good news is that you weren’t lied to – an IT degree is valuable. Whether you’re a ... Read More »

Why Effective Employee Training Is Crucial For Business Success

As you try to grow your business, you’d need to know a number of factors affecting your business’ success. These factors include raising funds and generating enough ROI. You need to find the top research and development companies to invest in for huge ROI. Your tasks also include creating spot-on internet marketing content. Additionally, you need to improve all of ... Read More »

5 Best Types Of Mental Health Degrees For Therapy Careers

Job competition in the mental health sector has risen due to colleges and universities offering more advanced mental health degrees. As an HR professional, you need to know the degrees needed for various therapy careers. Moreover, you need to be able to separate the just-qualified from the exceptional candidates. Those who cannot have issues completing their hiring manager recruitment duties. ... Read More »

5 Ways To Stay Cool While Working For A Construction Business

According to recent statistics, every 7 seconds, a worker is injured on the job. The top 3 work-related injury events resulting in days away from work include overexertion, contact with equipment and falls. What’s more, one of the top 5 occupations with the largest number of work-related injuries is construction. With that being said, before proceeding with any construction projects, ... Read More »

5 Medical Transcriptionist Roles And Responsibilities To Look For

Medical transcriptionists have numerous roles and responsibilities to complete on a daily basis. Contrary to popular belief, these medical transcriptionist roles and responsibilities extend beyond transcribing recorded dictations. As an HR professional looking to hire employees to fill such a role, you need to recognize the many other duties required of them. Continue reading to discover the top medical transcriptionist ... Read More »

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